I treasure a simple way of life which I strive to enjoy in my own unique way.

My ceramics collections of bright and original wares are inspired by a love of the ordinary and everyday. A warm glow when sharing a meal with friends, or the gift of settling down to a cosy slice of cake on your sofa. Treasuring simplicity, choosing happiness and celebrating every moment with gratitude and Gusto!

Tomatoes spilling out of small bowl from Leyla Folwell's Colombia range
Vases and goblets in Leyla Folwell's Colombia range
Plate, cups and pencil pots from Leyla Folwell's Poppies range

“Sharing and celebrating simple pleasures is part of my mission in life and the purpose behind my functional pottery.” 

– Leyla Folwell

My ceramics are available to buy in my online shop or directly from The Ceramics Studio shop in Ettington, Warwickshire. If you would like to work with me to create your own unique collection of hand made pottery, I also work on bespoke commissions.

I have unique treasures coming out of the kiln most weeks. So please get in touch if you would like to know what else is available.

Plates and cups from Leyla Folwell's Yogi range
Plate from Leyla Folwell's Poppies range
Colombia range of bowls filled with grains and vegetables
Fruit balancing on a Leyla Folwell food stand


My collections are designed from my thirst for change and freshness and are almost always inspired by environment and culture. For me, it is more than simply making pottery – it is about creating an authentic lifestyle.

Are you interested in working with me to create a set of unique ceramics based on one of these ranges? Find out more about commissioning your own bespoke collection.


Abstract dinner plate
Abstract dinner plate
Abstract tagine
Abstract dinner plate

Inspired by my daily sky worshipping ritual and the constantly changing cinema I am lucky to witness daily from my Warwickshire window – my habit of gazing to where the land meets the sky keeps me tuned to the ever reliable cycle of the sun and moon. It is a celebration of my connection to nature.


Colombia vases
Colombia vase
Colombia range
Colombia dinner plate
Colombia range bowls and dinner plate
Colombia teapot & tray
This strong and bountiful country rises from the ashes of its recent terrible history. Proud, gorgeous and enthusiastic, Colombia has so much to offer including cloud cloaked mountains, endless lush green fields of plenty and the stunning Caribbean coastline. Colour is everywhere in the colonial buildings, the plentiful fruit and in the abundance of prehistorical gold artefacts.


Poppies cups
Poppies range in action
Poppies dinner plate
Poppies teapot
Poppies yarn bowl
Poppies candle
For me, the poppy represents family and family memories and they remind me of my Nanna. When I see one pop up bravely in an odd place I think of her. More recently I went with my Mum to the Somme to search for the gravestone of her Grandmother’s younger brother. The calm and beauty of the landscape rocked my soul. Time and nature have reclaimed the site of horror and soothed it into a place of contemplation.


Weave beaker
Weave beaker & bowl
Weave bowl
Weave bottle
Inspired by artisan crafts from around the globe. I was lucky enough to experience a lot of other cultures as a child and I do believe this has had a deep influence on all my artistic projects ever since. When I travel now, I am constantly seeking something different, vibrant and authentic to light my creative fire.


Yogi dinner plate
Stacked yogi teacups
Yogi jewellery dish
Yogi teapot
Yogi dinner plate by Leyla Folwell
Yogi sketches

Yogi is my latest range, inspired by a yoga retreat in Crete. Beautiful, peaceful surroundings, great food, a soul sister, and my wonderful yoga teacher made for a pause and some soul rejuvenation. 

“Made to celebrate the simple pleasures in life such as sharing good food with friends and family or just simply treating yourself to a peaceful pot of tea after a busy day.”

– Leyla Folwell