Work with me to create your own unique collection of hand made pottery. Be involved in every step of the artistic process. I welcome commissions for a set of ten or more pieces based on my ranges and palettes below.

(If you are looking for one or two bespoke pieces then I recommend that you check my online shop or pop into my studio to see my one-off piece available to buy.)

Plate from Leyla Folwell's Abstract range


Vase from Leyla Folwell's Colombia range


Two teacups from Leyla Folwell's Poppies range


Pot from Leyla Folwell's Weave range


Plate from Leyla Folwell's Yogi range


“Amazing colours and art from an amazing artist. Fell in love with these thinking they would be perfect for a BBQ on a summer’s day. Instead, they bring summer into my home all year round. How can you not smile?”

– Sue Mylott, Warwickshire

The Process

If you would like to commission your unique collection of handmade British pottery, take the following steps:

  • Choose which pieces you would like from our shop (e.g. bowls, mugs or plates etc)
  • Choose the style of decoration from my ranges (Abstract, Colombia, Poppies, Weave or Yogi).
  • Choose three to four colours from the colour palette.
  • Get in touch with me using my Commissions Form.

From here, I will do the following:

  • I will get back to you via email with some further questions including when you would like to meet or chat about the project.
  • I will then send you a ‘ball park’ quote before the consultation and a definite price thereafter.
  • During your creative consultation, I will work out the finer details, discuss what is important to you and work out a timeframe.
Your creative commission will include:
    A creative consultation meeting at my studio
  • Your own personalised crest made into a pottery’s stamp which will feature on each piece alongside my own personal maker’s mark.
  • A sample piece posted to you for approval before I start production. An artist’s book of the whole process, including notes, weights, measurements and drawings.
  • Step-by-step pictures and videos of the process as it happens.
Payment: I will need to receive a 50% deposit before the sample is made and the remainder before production begins. Once the sample is signed off then the 50% deposit is none refundable. If the order is cancelled before the sign off then I will refund 40% of the deposit and allow for other costs thus far. Please note that our regular terms apply.

Get in touch via my Commissions Form to start the process.



Abstract dinner plate
Abstract dinner plate
Abstract tagine
Abstract dinner plate

Inspired by my daily sky worshipping ritual and the constantly changing cinema I am lucky to witness daily from my Warwickshire window – my habit of gazing to where the land meets the sky keeps me tuned to the ever reliable cycle of the sun and moon. It is a celebration of my connection to nature.


Colombia vases
Colombia vase
Colombia range
Colombia dinner plate
Colombia range bowls and dinner plate
Colombia teapot & tray
This strong and bountiful country rises from the ashes of its recent terrible history. Proud, gorgeous and enthusiastic, Colombia has so much to offer including cloud cloaked mountains, endless lush green fields of plenty and the stunning Caribbean coastline. Colour is everywhere in the colonial buildings, the plentiful fruit and in the abundance of prehistorical gold artefacts.


Poppies cups
Poppies range in action
Poppies dinner plate
Poppies teapot
Poppies yarn bowl
Poppies candle
For me, the poppy represents family and family memories and they remind me of my Nanna. When I see one pop up bravely in an odd place I think of her. More recently I went with my Mum to the Somme to search for the gravestone of her Grandmother’s younger brother. The calm and beauty of the landscape rocked my soul. Time and nature have reclaimed the site of horror and soothed it into a place of contemplation.


Weave beaker
Weave beaker & bowl
Weave bowl
Weave bottle
Inspired by artisan crafts from around the globe. I was lucky enough to experience a lot of other cultures as a child and I do believe this has had a deep influence on all my artistic projects ever since. When I travel now, I am constantly seeking something different, vibrant and authentic to light my creative fire.


Yogi dinner plate
Stacked yogi teacups
Yogi jewellery dish
Yogi teapot
Yogi dinner plate by Leyla Folwell
Yogi sketches

Yogi is my latest range, inspired by a yoga retreat in Crete. Beautiful, peaceful surroundings, great food, a soul sister, and my wonderful yoga teacher made for a pause and some soul rejuvenation. 

Colour PalettE

Blue Night underglaze


Calm white underglaze


Clear blue underglaze


Denim blue underglaze


Gaya organe underglaze


Gold Luster


Happy yellow underglaze


Mellow yellow underglaze


Peachy peach underglaze


Purple haze underglaze


Raging red underglaze


Real teal underglaze


Rosebud underglaze


Salt Lake Blue underglaze


Spring green underglaze


Woodland green underglaze


This is definitely for you – if you want to own something nobody else has, if you appreciate British artisan crafts – and the people who make them, and if you want to dine from durable and functional pottery.

This might not be for you – if you need a quick solution, want uniformity, perfection and full control of the outcome. Visiting the online shop or Ettington studio for our smaller range of one-off pieces might suit you better. I am an artist through and through and I pride myself on working loosely and with expression.

Get in touch via my Commissions Form to start the process.