'Varanasi' Shrine - Pink & Blue


This was part of my lockdown project, ‘This Shrine of Mine’. A deeply reflective time and a bit of a departure in my practice, I now use mine everyday in the studio. This shrine is made from terracotta crank clay and is 28cm high by 21cm wide.

Accessories not included as they are my personal treasures, you can add your own.

Shrine Statement

Where do we get our strength from? Not the kind we use for lifting clay or bags of compost but the inner strength that we found to adjust to the changes this past year.  That inner resilience that gets you through losses and quietens your fears.

What fascinates me is that chemical transformation a person gets when they connect to their ‘God’ whatever that is for them, mine is my inner voice.

For me sometimes the connection happens when I am walking on the ground and looking at the sky, sometimes it is during a yoga session. Occasionally I just journal until all the noise in my head is gone and there it is!  When I am less strong, I look to my ‘Gurus’ and other like-minded people and soak up their juju through words or music.

My handmade pottery

This ceramics collection is a bold celebration of the individual. My pots are all happily unique, proud to carry their own individual marks and imperfections. The piece you receive will be similar in size shape and colour as the one pictured above, but due to my deliberately spontaneous decorating methods it will not be exactly the same. If you would like to hand pick your piece, you are very welcome to come to our workshop for a cup of tea and a browse.

Looking after your pots

My general products are dishwasher-proof, however, I do recommend you hand wash these pieces as dishwashers are harsh on all wares. Pots with Gold Luster cannot be used in the microwave or the dishwasher.