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Learning to throw is not as easy as it looks. Watching YouTube videos can be confusing and give a false sense of the speed needed which leads to frustration and a lot of recycling! To become a good thrower, you need to understand the foundational moves and what the pitfalls are, this will enable you to progress quickly, making quality pots. You will soon be able to expand to bigger and better shapes with confidence.

I have taught thousands of students and have built this six stage formula into a fool-proof instructional repertoire. Choosing these videos will save you time and money and I am here to support you when you need it.

Leyla Folwell throwing clay at a potter's wheel

A step by step breakdown of the throwing process aimed at complete beginners. This video course will teach you something new each time you watch it, repetition is the key to deep understanding and improvement. 20 years of teaching experience packed in to 18 videos and supported by text, images and diagrams.


Learn how to trim your pots and turn them into mugs with a handle. These videos are all you need to turn those cylinders in to functional mugs. This course is the perfect follow on from my Throwing for Beginners video course and also makes the perfect homework for Ceramics Studio attendees.


I have now attended four pottery workshops and would highly recommend this studio for anyone wanting to learn throwing on a wheel. The instructions from Leyla have helped me to progress so much, it’s a great space and very well thought through.”
Lorna Taylor, ceramics student

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